We are a company specialized in providing technology to the Brazilian financial market, with extensive experience in local purchases and importation of goods.




Ética Tecnologia is a company with almost 20 years of existence.

Conceived as a consultancy specializing in free software, we have developed a work focused on Linux, ensuring access to new technologies for various companies.
Our excellence in the execution of services has allowed us to create a close relationship with the financial market.
In 2016, the need of some clients led us to seek an efficient solution for the supply of IT equipment to foreign funds operating in Brazil.

Our values developed during these years when applying in this operation proved to be such a relevant differential, which forced us to focus all the company's activity in this field.

Since then we have established relationships with leading hardware vendors, specializing in imports and foreign exchange operations, always focusing on customers' time and cost needs.

Thus we currently serve the largest operators in the market.



We seek to meet the specific needs of each customer, without restrictions to manufacturers and suppliers. Below we list some of the most requested manufacturers by our customers.


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